Success as a franchisor requires a set of skills and knowledge unique to the franchise sector.

Getting the people on your team versed in industry best practices allow your corporate team and franchise network to operate as a tight, cohesive enterprise. A shared set of skills, knowledge, and processes will also make running your franchise network more manageable and profitable.

Matt Friedman’s Franchise Training Workshops provide practical, real-world knowledge that you can implement in your business to increase productivity, profitability, and performance.

Business Workshops

Half-Day & Full-Day Workshops

On-site Leadership

(Half/Full Day)

  • Developing your Vision
  • Establishing your Core Values
  • Setting Effective Meetings
  • Teamwork: Enhancing Communication
  • Innovation thru learning

On-site Marketing Workshop

(Half/Full Day)

  • Determining your Brand Position
  • Communicating the Brand Position
  • Social Media: Promoting Engagement while Protecting Your Brand
  • Digital Assets, Templates, and Messaging
  • Working with an Agency

Corporate Events / Conference and Breakouts

(Half Day)

  • Gathering the Team: Why it Matters
  • Agenda and Buy-in
  • Building a Business through Relationships
  • Streamlining Event Logistics

Exit Strategy Plan

(Full Day)

  • Whether Today or Tomorrow: It’s Coming
  • Building Value in Brand Equity, Franchise Network, Systems, and more
  • Transition Planning
  • Business Valuation Tools
  • Finding the right Banker & Attorney to protect your company

Core Values

(Full Day)

Your brand’s strength is deeper than its name and logo. The true power derives from Core Values that deliver a quality product, consistency in customer experience, differentiation from competitors, and allow the brand to own its’ market segment.

In this interactive workshop, we will review:

  • The Positioning Statement: Who the brand is for and how it uniquely serves their needs
  • The Company Mission: How the brand’s products and services are designed to serve its customers and the community
  • The Company Vision: Why the brand exists – now and into the future
  • Core Values: How the brand excels in delivering its products and services to customers

Brand Positioning

(Half/Full Day)

Customers don’t buy products; they engage with brands. Brand positioning explains how your brand connects to customers. In this half-day workshop, you will learn:

  • How to position your business like a national brand
  • How to align your brand to your target customer
  • How to establish a brand presence at every customer touchpoint
  • How to deliver a consistent message across all channels
  • How to craft a brand positioning statement

Business Workshop Fees

  • Half-Day @ $3500
  • Full-Day @ $5500

Workshops for Colleges & Universities

  • Creating an Effective Business Plan
  • Franchise vs Independent
  • Sourcing Capital for a New Venture
  • Passion & Performance

Colleges & Universities Workshop Fee

2 Hours @ $3000


“Matt Friedman is a dynamic impact player, not only has he built a successful franchise company from the ground up, he’s willing to show others his secret formula in a real down to earth way.”

[  Walter Bond – Hall of Fame Speaker  ]


“Matt Friedman is a dynamo! He is passionate about educating and inspiring.”

[ Ira Blumenthal, Best-Selling Author, University Professor & Professional Speaker ]


“Matt’s entrepreneurial spirit has helped him navigate every type of challenge he faced as the leader of a international brand. Matt is willing to share his successes — and challenges — with others to help them be better in their business.”

[ Nick Powills, CEO, Mainland ]

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