Matt Friedman is a passionate restaurant & franchise executive and the Founder of Wing Zone, America’s 1st Takeout & Delivery Wing Franchise

Colleges & Universities

  • Entrepreneurship – The REAL truth about what it takes to start a business and build a company
  • Wings to WINS – From frat house to franchising

Speaking Fees

  • 60-minute, in-person Keynote for College & University / Non-Profit — My fees are very negotiable for Education and Non-Profits. I am passionate about Education and working with/for Non-Profits.


  • Wings to W.I.N.SFrom frat house to franchising   
  • Building Successful and Profitable Franchise Partnerships
  • Core Values – Non-Negotiables for growing a successful career
  • Leadership – Keeping it REAL and SIMPLE

Speaking Fees

  • 60-minute, in-person Keynote for Local Association — Ask me about my “Atlanta Area” Fee Structure.
  • 60-minute, in-person Keynote for Corporation — Please reach out to me for a specific quote for your specific needs.


“Matt Friedman is a dynamic impact player, not only has he built a successful franchise company from the ground up, he’s willing to show others his secret formula in a real down to earth way.”

[  Walter Bond – Hall of Fame Speaker  ]


“Matt Friedman is a dynamo! He is passionate about educating and inspiring.”

[ Ira Blumenthal, Best-Selling Author, University Professor & Professional Speaker ]


“Matt’s entrepreneurial spirit has helped him navigate every type of challenge he faced as the leader of a international brand. Matt is willing to share his successes — and challenges — with others to help them be better in their business.”

[ Nick Powills, CEO, Mainland ]

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