Matt Friedman offers business executives the opportunity to work directly with the founder of a global franchise brand with over 25 years of expertise.

Matt offers a unique insight to support passionate and dedicated leaders though their journey.

Matt works with a limited number of clients to ensure real engagement with you, your team, and your business goals.

Matt’s specialty is working with Franchise companies (typically less than 75 units) and restaurants in Leadership, Strategic Planning, Marketing, building business relationships and Franchise Development.

Success Coach

Fractional CEO

Fractional CMO

Key Areas of Expertise

Matt Friedman, Leadership Coach


Today’s CEO must juggle many roles as a team builder, innovator, cheerleader, management guru, and change agent.

To help you manage your many hats, Matt can help you:

  • Develop a clear vision and a growth plan
  • Re-examine your business model or format
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses within your current team
  • Balance the needs of franchisees and team members
  • Leverage outside help when it’s needed
Matt Friedman, Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

In business, change is both stressful and inevitable. Matt can help you manage the organizational tension that comes with change – for your team and your network. When shifting economies force you to do more with fewer resources, working with a proven Success Coach who has been in the trenches can help you plan and prioritize.

Matt can also provide strategic planning for all facets of your operations, including:

  • Audits & Evaluations
  • Effective Support Visits & Team Meetings
  • Operations Technology
  • New Shop Openings
Matt Friedman, Marketing


Traditional marketing leverages advertising, sales, promotions, public relations, social media, and digital marketing. Matt can help you harness these multiple channels to build a strong brand, identify your customer base, build customer loyalty, enhance business relationships, grow your franchise network, and maintain your online reputation.

For the Casual Dining/QSR/Franchise segment, Matt can help you develop specific tools and initiatives:

  • Promotions and Annual Marketing Calendar
  • Communication & Buy-in with Franchisees
  • Consumer and Franchise Development
  • 360 Digital Plan-Text, Email, Social, Online Reviews
  • Finding the Right Agency and Managing the Partnership
Matt Friedman, Brand Development

Brand Development

Franchisees invest in your brand for its brand equity while your customers engage with the brand experience. Matt can help you build a recognizable brand that connects to your customers.

Areas where he can support your brand positioning and development efforts include:

  • Concept Development for Emerging Brands
  • Re-Branding for Legacy Brands
  • Purchasing & Distribution
  • Menu Recipe & Product Development
  • Effective Franchise Discovery Days and Franchisee Selection
  • Domestic/Global Expansion

Simple Billing. Weekend Availability.

20 Hours per month . . . . . . . . . . . . $6,500

40 Hours per month. . . . . . . . . . . . $12,000

Minimum of 3 month engagement


“Matt Friedman is a dynamic impact player, not only has he built a successful franchise company from the ground up, he’s willing to show others his secret formula in a real down to earth way.”

[  Walter Bond – Hall of Fame Speaker  ]


“Matt Friedman is a dynamo! He is passionate about educating and inspiring.”

[ Ira Blumenthal, Best-Selling Author, University Professor & Professional Speaker ]


“Matt’s entrepreneurial spirit has helped him navigate every type of challenge he faced as the leader of a international brand. Matt is willing to share his successes — and challenges — with others to help them be better in their business.”

[ Nick Powills, CEO, Mainland ]

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